Tools arrived today. They are

Tools arrived today. They are beautiful. I have been in Navy aircraft maintenance for 19 years and I think that these are the nicest specialty tools that I’ve ever seen. It’s almost a shame to use them!

Thanks again for rushing them to me and for the great service!

Josh W

Great tools!!!! All my specialty

Great tools!!!! All my specialty tool are from George, well made and sturdy. Great prices too. Will definitely be buying more.

John S

I have a bike shop

I have a bike shop and use George’s tools every day what I like the best is the transmission main drive Bearing removal and installation tool it saves time a lot of time works great easy to use along with all the other great tools they make fine quality and craftsmanship and warranty well I can’t say enough about how they take care of their customers and timely delivery to your shop or home they make Awesome products Rick V

Rick Vasquez

Package from Arizona, the tools

Package from Arizona, the tools have arrived. 🙂
Excellent quality and very good workmanship – professional tools at the best price – top !!!
Many thanks for the very fast overseas delivery, the good packaging and the friendly, uncomplicated customer service. Can I only recommend!

Greetings from Germany

Klaus B

You can rely on George’s

You can rely on George’s tools. Well made and excellent customer service. Thank you.

Jonathan Young

My bearing puller arrived today

My bearing puller arrived today and I put it to use within the hour. I only need one word to describe everything about this tool set; WOW!

They are amazing!! You can tell just by looking at them and holding them that these are quality tools. I’m glad that I spent the money on them and that I didn’t go with some off brand set from Amazon.

They arrived on time and were packaged way way better than I would have ever expected. Whoever packs these things definitely cares about the tools arriving undamaged.

Jorge L Villegas

Long time using daily in

Long time using daily in my work shop, here in Brazil, the best quality tools from George’s Garage, excellent and prompt service.

Antonio Pimenta

Amazing Tools, top quality! Excellent

Amazing Tools, top quality! Excellent customer service. Thanks George and greetings from Argentina

Ox Customs

I have needed George’s tools

I have needed George’s tools in several instances and each and every time he has answered the phone and literally went out if his way to help me. His tools are the best in the business and work properly each and every time. These are great tools at great prices from an extraordinarily great guy.
Thank you George for all the help.

Brian Warren

I run a shop working

I run a shop working on only Harley Davidson. I own at least half of the tools that Georges Garage offers and everyone of them are awesome quality. They make a great product and stand behind them with their warranty. The customer service is as awesome as their product. Thanks for everything, this is a hard thing to find in this day and age. I get excited every time I order another tool.

Eric Gilbertson

Ordered one of George’s

Ordered one of George’s tools and it had arrived quickly. The tool had a tighter then normal fit on the transmission sprocket nut. I spoke with George on the phone and he immediately shipped out a replacement tool. The replacement arrived just as quickly as the original!
The replacement was a perfect fit and good quality.
This will be the first place I shop for tools when needed!!!

Ralph Piccolo Jr

Great tools and customer support!I

Great tools and customer support!

I purchased the transmission pulley lock for an at home project on my motorcycle and ended up bending the thumb screw (my fault). I called George’s Garage and they had a new thumb screw in the mail to me the same day.

That is above and beyond standing behind your products. Thank you for your business. You definitely earned my repeat business as well as endorsing your business to others.

Mike M.

I’ve been using George’s Tools

I’ve been using George’s Tools for years now the only problem I have is my buddies want to borrow them and I feel bad about saying NO (I’ll never see them again) The customer service is great . Quality is unsurpassed.

Marcel G

Marcel Gonyeau

1 week for tools to

1 week for tools to arrive….at the bottom of the world in New Zealand hahahaha , steeringhead race removal and the installer, pre 99 wheel bearing race removal/install, wedge, driver handle.
Had both rims and steering head races out in no time….quality service and parts that’ll service my 2 FXRS for many years….and some friends no doubt.

Tom NZ

Tom Downs

We have been using George

We have been using George Garage tools for many years now turning out quality work.
Not ONE of the tools have ever let us down or left us hanging with projects from Transmission work, primary and clutch work, Seals bearings, steering head bearings, Wheel bearings, camshaft jobs/inner and outer bearings, pressing gears on and off etc. We are a small independent shop who needs to pinch pennies ( Pennies what, well that is up to Penny to divulge), but we require quality tools for quality work.

Georges Garage has NOT let us down! I look forward to the day when we can advertise our dyno services on your page.

THANK YOU for helping us guys with shallow pockets grow and stay in business, The dark blue tools guys act like we have leprosy when we call and ask to speak with someone.

Randy N